Wally the Green Monster Was Reportedly Stolen From Fenway Park, But He's Been Found

While the increasingly inept Red Sox prepare for a three-game tryst in the Bronx with the Yankees, Boston police spent their afternoon in “hot pursuit” of the team’s missing mascot, Wally the Green Monster.

The portly green bundle of joy had apparently been stolen from Fenway Park, though the Red Sox thankfully confirmed only the costume was missing and not the poor soul who plays Wally. The search for the “hairy green monster with a permanent grin” included a police helicopter to assist in the tireless hunt for Wally. Sadly, such extensive efforts used for the pursuit still seemed like a far better use of funds than the Roger Clemens trial.

Thankfully, he’s already been found and he was never even taken.* Well that was a fun little PR blitz for the Red Sox. Wally is sure to be loved (loathed?) now more than ever.

For those curious, and I know there are many, Wally made his unfortunate debut back in April of 1997. Additionally, after several spirited attempts since his stirring arrival, Wally is still unable to hold the Phoenix Gorilla’s jock.

*This link originally said a Red Sox employee moved Wally “without authorization.” Now it’s a little more vague. Then again, who cares. You now have permission to go tackle something.

[via Boston Herald]

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