Bud Selig Announces Expanded MLB Instant Replay

Bud Selig announced yesterday that MLB will expand instant replay to address trapped balls and fair/foul calls down the line.

“We’re now going to add it on trapped balls in the outfield and, as I call them, bullets [fair or foul] down the right- and left-field lines,” Selig said during an interview on ESPN Radio in New York.

This seems to be an about face. The change comes just weeks after Bud Selig claimed there was “very, very little pressure” on him to expand instant replay and after heĀ tried to use attendance to justify the instant replay status quo.

We heard a while back MLB’s reticence to enhance instant replay had to do with the expense of installing the same number of cameras at each MLB stadium. The league is on a fixed income and must address priorities. Scrooge McDuck vaults don’t stock themselves.

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