Hope Solo Goes Off on Former Women's Star and Current Commentator Brandi Chastain

Hope Solo apparently did not like something that Brandi Chastain, now a commentator on game coverage for NBC during the Olympics, said today. I watched the match, and am not sure what set Solo off. It was a chippy match– at one point, a Colombian defender intentionally punched Abby Wambach away from the ball, undetected by the official. The U.S. Women won 3-0 to advance to the quarterfinals, so it’s not like the performance was bad.

Here’s what Hope Solo had to say right after the match:

Cat Fight! And Solo just called Chastain old, so this should go over well.

[UPDATE: As a reader points out, the best guess is Solo is pissed about Brandi Chastain’s comments about Solo’s failed drug test as a result of PMS medicine last week. I would make a joke about needing to increase the dosage, but that would be insensitive and my wife might rip my face off. So, I won’t do it. But if this was based on something before the match, Solo was letting this one stew for a while.]

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