Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez Won't Let Competition Ruin Their Relationship

If there’s one thing Tim Tebow respects in a fellow quarterback, it is having played at another school where the kicker runs a sub-5.0 40-yard-dash. Tebow worked out with Sanchez in California. He asserts their “strong” and “genuine” relationship will endure any future hardships.

“But also just because there’s stuff more important than just winning football games. But also, he’s someone of extremely high character and a good person. I know regardless if we’re on the same team or opposing teams, we’re going to be friends.”

He also enjoyed meeting the Sanchez family.

“He comes from a big, sweet family,” Tebow says. “All his aunts really give him hard time, giving him hugs and kisses.

“He’s ‘Marky’ to them.”

It will be good to see New York sports finally get some media attention this fall. Could have Tebow controversy, Giants trying to repeat, Yankees in World Series and the Nets debuting in Brooklyn happening simultaneously. Trumping them all, of course, would be a Rutgers Big East title run.

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