Brett Favre's New Job: Offensive Coordinator, High School Football Team

Brett Favre, the 3-time NFL MVP who spent the last few years of his career waffling on whether to retire or continue playing, has found a new line of work: Offensive coordinator for Oak Grove High School.

Now he serves as an assistant coach. Or receiver. Or the film editor. Or anything else he thinks needs to be done to make Oak Grove High School a better football team.

Favre is beginning his coaching career in humble surroundings as the offensive coordinator of a 1,500-student high school near his home in south Mississippi. He receives no money for the job, but that doesn’t mean he’s taking in lightly.

So the guy who famously texted a photo of his junk to Jenn Sterger is now going to be working at a school in close proximity to fawning teenagers? Yeah, this may not end well.

Guess this means Favre didn’t cut a deal with NBC, Fox, CBS or ESPN to be a talking head. Maybe they weren’t impressed with his performance in the booth last October. [AP]

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