Brothel Funds Olympic Trip for New Zealand Taekwondo Athlete

Logan Campbell didn’t medal in Taekwondo at the 2008 Olympics, and it stung to return home to New Zealand and a mountain of bills – roughly $120,000 worth. The estimated cost to get to London in 2012? About $200,000. Naturally, Campbell decided to open a brothel. They’re legal in New Zealand:

“It’s more of like a higher-class thing than you see around the world. I think a lot of people don’t understand that. As compared … to places like Thailand [where] I know what it’s like in the poorer countries, where people don’t have a choice to get into that sort of industry. But in New Zealand it’s completely different, so it’s fine.”

The site promised “the finest range of intelligent ladies, the most luxurious facilities on the market” and told prospective clients to “fulfill your fantasy, bi-doubles, Greek, fantasy, dress, and much much more.” First-time visitors became VIP members, a privilege that earned them “a number of free extras.”

As you might expect, the New Zealand Olympic Committee didn’t like the prostitution link – he called it an ‘escort agency’ and his mom met some of the women working there – but Campbell was able to sell the brothel in 2011, and later was added to the New Zealand Taekwondo team.

See! Stories that involve brothels can have a happy ending! [Yahoo Sports]

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