Roundup: First Female Dunk in Olympic History, Michael Phelps' Final Olympic Swim & a Great iPhone Story

Ashley Greene … baseball card enthusiasts will enjoy this … big Rashida Jones fan herebecoming Stephen King … Christina Milian has a bad tattoo but you’ll still appreciate this picture … don’t text and drive, folks … here are some deplorable Chick Fil-A tweets … disturbing headline of the year: “Harrisburg man arrested for performing oral sex on sleeping men” … former commenter Cortes doin’ work … in Indiana, they urinate in your nachos and call it a prank … nice story of a found iphoneKelly Slater, surfing at 40 … 83 million Facebook accounts or fakes or duplicates … “Bulimic Woman Gets Knife Stuck In Her Throat” …

Can’t get enough of Gabby Douglas. She’s my favorite story of the games so far. [Post-Gazette]

“Boosters would be allowed to contribute directly to the compensation of coaches, potentially controlling more of the terms under which coaches are paid, if a new NCAA proposal is adopted.” [Chronicle of Higher Education]

BBC’s Olympics coverage > NBC’s Olympics coverage. [Salon]

The Cleveland Browns were sold for over $1 billion. [Plain-Dealer]

Long profile of USC QB Matt Barkley. [SI]

Blame Larry Lucchino, Red Sox fans. [Herald]

Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes’ will be the subject of a reality show? [WFNY]

“A popular Somali comedian and playwright who mocked Islamist militants for brainwashing children and killing civilians has been shot dead.” [AP]

Boxing is dead in this country, Part XXVI. [Fox Sports]

JJ Watt of the Texans suffered a dislocated elbow. [Ultimate Texans]

Goodell intends to do something to clean up the NFL’s DUI problem. [CBS Sports]

” … he became stuck and ended up sliding down smooth, slippery granite on his backside. After eventually coming to a stop in a depression, Bishop waited for rescue.” [Valley News]

Derek Lowe, DFA’d. [Plain-Dealer]

Watch Dan Mullen get all huffy at reporters for asking about injuries.

With authority! [via Point Forward Pro]

A few days old, but this is worth a laugh. [via Hot Clicks]

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