Nick Saban Thinks Polls and Predictions "Hijack" College Football

Nick Saban is consistent. He’s consistent in that he says and potentially believes whatever benefits his own team at that present moment. The USA Today Coaches Poll ranks division-mate LSU No. 1 overall, slightly ahead of Alabama. Predictions, to Saban, are suddenly worthless.

“Now I know you guys are going to have all these comparison questions and where are you ranked, and how many games are you going to win, and what’s going to happen to this player? Which guy is going to make the biggest impact on the team? You know, all these predictions that you all make: They hijack the game, because all anybody worries about in college football is the BCS. Who’s going to be in the final game?”

Saban is shameless. He blames “you all” for making predictions, when the Coaches Poll he participates in is first out of the gate. He blames others for placing too much emphasis on the BCS and “who’s going to be in the final game” when he is the one who voted Oklahoma State fourth last year to help push his own team into that final game It’s also reasonable to assume his team’s consistent participation in said “final game” has played some role in his recruiting.

He will also be for the NCAA crackdown on rule violators, until Charles Robinson sets his sights on Alabama.

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