Phil Mushnick Wants to Know Why Olympic Gymnasts Are So Short and Have "Virtually No Breasts"

Phil Mushnick, who a decade ago had a relevant sports media column, increasingly seems to be making embarrassing reaches in an effort to regain past glory. I’m not sure how he wasn’t suspended or fired earlier this year after suggesting the Brooklyn Nets call themselves the “New York N—–“ because of Jay-Z’s connection to the team. Does the copy desk let some of this garbage through because they dislike Mushnick? Or is he just desperate for clicks?

This weekend, Mushnick asked the following questions about female gymnasts at the Olympics – mind you, girls that range from 16-21 years old:

1) Why, in their mid-teens to early 20s, are they almost all tiny?

2) Why are they so under-developed? Virtually no breasts, no hips, no natural physiological — or just plain logical — progression.

3) Why do so many have squeaky voices, the voices of 10- to 12-year-olds?

4) Why do so many have chalky, pallid complexions, as if just pulled from a freezer?

Why is Phil Mushnick still such an angry old man? Why is Phil Mushnick a shell of what he used to be? [NY Post]

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