Seven Cameroon Athletes Have Absconded From the Olympic Village

Cameroon sounds like a wonderful place. A soccer player, a swimmer and five boxers have all fled the Olympic Village according to Reuters. First Drusille Ngako, a backup goalkeeper for the women’s soccer team disappeared. Then swimmer Paul Ekane Edingue. Finally, five boxers – Thomas Essomba, Christian Donfack Adjoufack, Abdon Mewoli, Blaise Yepmou Mendouo and Serge Ambomowho – absconded on Sunday.

It’s been a very busy Olympics in London. Maybe the 24-hour news cycle is just catching more of this news than it used to, but it seems like a lot of people are leaving the Olympic Village for one reason or another. When athletes aren’t being sent home for throwing matches, meeting family members in hotels or failing drug tests, they are sneaking away on their own accord for “economic reasons.” It’s like they don’t know this place is supposed to be one big drunken orgy. [BBC]

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