Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells, American Hurdler Medalists, Reveal Salty Jealousy About Lolo Jones

Dawn Harper captured the silver in the 100 m hurdles, and Kellie Wells took bronze. Lolo Jones, another American, finished 4th. Leading up to the games, the media choose to focus on Jones, who was arguably the most popular American athlete at the Games. Harper and Wells, clearly jealous of all the attention Jones received, got in a few subtle digs this morning in an interview with Michelle Beadle:

Dawn Harper: ” … because their favorite didn’t win, we’re kind of going to push your story aside … it hurt my feelings … you kinda gotta respect it a little bit now.”

As if nobody respected Harper before? Whatever.

Kellie Wells: “On the podium tonight, the three girls that got their medal prevailed, and that’s all that really needed to be said.”

Jealously is an ugly, ugly thing.

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