Most Overrated College Basketball Coaches Poll Shows that Jealousy is a Stinky Cologne

Gary Parrish and other writers at CBS Sports conducted anonymous interviews with 100 college coaches about a variety of topics. One of those was which coach is the most overrated. The responses largely show that anonymity allows people to say things they would not say to someone’s face, and that jealousy permeates the responses. Namely, jealousy for coaches that have a reputation for recruiting. As a result, the list is primarily of guys who have reached the Final Four.

The top 8 responses:

  1. Roy Williams (North Carolina): 23 percent
  2. Rick Barnes (Texas): 17 percent
  3. Scott Drew (Baylor): 11 percent
  4. Steve Lavin (St. John’s): 9 percent
  5. Jay Wright (Villanova): 6 percent
  6. Ben Howland (UCLA): 6 percent
  7. Jim Boeheim (Syracuse): 4 percent
  8. Tommy Amaker (Harvard): 4 percent

I may personally not like Ol’ Droopy Dog, and his program may have some smoke around it right now, but there is no way he should be identified as the most overrated coach in the country. One of our anonymous coaches is quoted as saying, “”He’s won at Kansas and UNC. But who couldn’t do that … besides Matt Doherty?” Hmmm. Well, Kansas was ranked in the top 25 at the end of only 9 seasons between when Wilt Chamberlain left, and Larry Brown left. Yes, the Jayhawks won the NCAA title as a #6 seed in 1988. They were also on probation and could not go to the NCAA tournament in Williams’ first year, and plenty of established coaches could have campaigned for that job. Part of the reason that people can now say “anyone can win at Kansas” is because Roy Williams won at Kansas at an extremely high rate.

After that, it seems like guys with reputations as recruiters are called overrated. Recruiting is part of the job. A big part of the job. Is anyone calling Barnes and Drew one of the top ten coaches in college basketball? I guess to determine overrated, we would have to know where someone is rated. There aren’t a whole lot of posts devoted to those guys as being the best coaches in basketball.

[photo via US Presswire]

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