British Gold Medalists Laura Trott and Jason Kenny Drank Beer and Snogged Behind David Beckham

Laura Trott and Jason Kenny were spotted making out behind David Beckham at the women’s beach volleyball gold medal match yesterday. This proves my theory that David Beckham acts as an aphrodisiac. Kenny must have seen Beckham sit down in front of him and thought, “Yes. I am totally snoggin’ tonight!”

Since winning her second gold medal, it appears that Trott has been doing nothing but downing Heinekens and making out with Kenny. Between the couple, they have collected a lot of gold this summer. Trott won gold in the Omnium and Team Pursuit events. Kenny won gold medals in the Sprint and Team Sprint. It’s only fitting that they get married and have a ton of super-cycling babies. Trott and Kenny have been dating since June. Before that, Trott was dating endurance cyclist Sam Harrison.

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Update: Guess who is not impressed with this PDA? (via Rex)

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