Steve Czaban Thought the Eagles' Moment of Silence for Garrett Reid Was "Absurd"

The Philadelphia Eagles put stickers with the initials “GR” on their helmets, and had a moment of silence for the death of Garrett Reid, son of head coach Andy Reid, before last night’s game. Steve Czaban, national radio host with Yahoo Sports Radio, was not pleased.

Czaban also made the point that “Genuine personal sympathy for the Reid family is humane and deserved. A forced, public, moment of silence is wholly inappropriate.”

Earlier today, Andy Reid acknowledged that his 29-year old son, who has battled drug addiction for a long time, succumbed to his drug addiction when he was found dead Sunday morning. I can–sort of–understand what Czaban is saying in regard to a public memorial. However, I view the actions last night with the moment of silence as for Andy Reid, the long time coach, and not just for Garrett Reid and the way he died. I don’t think all moments of silence have to be on par with honoring innocent victims of a tragedy to occur.

[photo via US Presswire, h/t @KyDerbyJay]



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