Red Sox Mutiny: Dustin Pedroia and Adrian Gonzalez Reportedly Called For Valentine to Leave in "Ugly" Meeting

The Boston Red Sox’ hiring of Bobby Valentine just keeps getting better, for those who write about the team. According to Yahoo! Sports, Red Sox owners held a meeting after several players complained when Valentine left Jon Lester in to allow 11 runs against the Blue Jays on July 22. The meeting “turned ugly” with players, most notably Adrian Gonzalez and Dustin Pedroia, calling for Valentine to be let go.

There is also, to be fair, a reported faction in favor of Valentine wishing poorly performing star players would pipe down and do their jobs.

The meeting was shortly before Terry Francona drew flack for entering the clubhouse.  It is perhaps worthwhile to note that Terry Francona’s specialties were handling difficult personalities – the guy milked two World Series-contributing seasons from Manny Ramirez – and keeping what happens in the clubhouse out of the media. Valentine has been a resounding failure on both counts, in addition to the whole not winning thing.

Despite beginning the season with a payroll north of $170 million, the Red Sox are on pace to have a below .500 record at Fenway for a completed season for the first time since 1983. Like most Red Sox fans, we have checked out on this season. Our only lingering interest concerns this cell phone picture emerging.

Pedroia, notorious among teammates for his wit and humor, is in the foreground with a giddy smile, his tongue wagging and both thumbs up. Next to him is allegedly Valentine, face down on a table, apparently asleep. A caption accompanies the picture: “Our manager contemplating his lineup at 3:30 p.m.”

Not sure where the Red Sox owners go from here. There don’t appear to be any fat, free agent starters to overpay.

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