Ryan Howard is Getting Married to a Former Eagles Cheerleader on Dec. 1st, and Here's the Wedding Registry

Ryan Howard is engaged to teacher/former cheerleader Krystle Campbell and the happy couple has set a date – Dec. 1st. They’ve even posted their registry online! Philly.com’s Dan Gross found it, and come on, don’t you want to buy them something? How about that Vera Wang picture frame?

In addition to the upcoming nuptials, Campbell will be featured on “Say Yes to the Dress,” a show on TLC your wife may have had you watch at some point prior to your wedding.* The episode will air this Friday at 9 pm. [Philly.com]

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Previously: Ryan Howard of the Phillies is Engaged to Krystle Campbell, an Eagles’ Cheerleader

* Come on, don’t act like your wife hasn’t had this on before on a lazy Friday night.

Because you want to see it first!

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