Jerry Sandusky is Writing a Book in Prison

Jerry Sandusky is Writing a Book in Prison


Jerry Sandusky is Writing a Book in Prison

Jerry Sandusky is a man with important things to say and great knowledge to impart on a nation. That’s why it makes perfect sense that he is currently working the follow-up to the 2001 autobiography that helped lead police to some of his victims, Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story. As Raoul Duke once said, “Many fine books have been written in prison.” From WJAC-TV:

Sources told 6 News at first, it was believed Sandusky was writing his version of events that he wants to read at his sentencing.

Now, those sources said Sandusky is apparently working on writing a second book, and doing so with the help of his wife, Dottie.

Sources said there has been so much paperwork exchanged between Jerry and Dottie,  that Dottie has had her written correspondence privileges suspended by prison officials.

Now there are two obvious paths to take with this book. Sandusky could go the O.J. Simpson fake confession book path and call it “If I Diddled.” Or he could go the sequel route and call it, “Touched 2: Much Colon, The Jerry Sandusky Sequel.”

It has also been reported that Sandusky is “no longer on suicide watch” and has become “a model inmate.” That’s just wonderful. “I’m glad it sounds like he found peace,” said no one.

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