Kelly Shoppach Authored the Infamous Adrian Gonzalez Text Message that Started the Red Sox Mutiny

Adrian Gonzalez did not write the text message that started Boston’s public spat with manager Bobby Valentine. He did however give former Red Sox and current New York Met Kelly Shoppach permission to use his phone to send the incendiary message. From the New York Daily News:

A small group of players that has been unhappy with Valentine this season — a group that included Shoppach, according to a source familiar with the circumstances — was complaining about the manager in late July and engaged Gonzalez in the conversation. A member of the group suggested that the only way to bring about action would be to voice their problems to ownership. Gonzalez was tired of hearing the constant grumbling and agreed with them that a message from him — the team’s highest-paid player — would get management’s attention.

So Gonzalez was still involved, but it seems his biggest crime was being tired of listening to his teammates bitch like jealous school girls. I wish this was happening on the Twins or some other team so we wouldn’t have to hear another word about this story.

[New York Daily News]

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