The Five Saddest Pictures of Tim Tebow From the Jets 26-3 Loss to the Giants

Tim Tebow is a star. No one denies this. Last night against the defending Super Bowl champions, Tim Tebow went out and gave the performance of a lifetime, completing 5 of 14 passes for 69 yards to go along with a blistering 5 yards rushing. The Giants may have won the Battle of New Jersey New York, but Tim Tebow won the Holy War of the Tri-State Area.

5. Tim Tebow Sacked

Here Tim Tebow gets the full New York Jets offensive line experience. Not only did Tebow get sacked on this play, but it appears the most devestating hit comes from guard Caleb Schlauderaff. Tebow was sacked 4 times in total. [US PRESSWIRE]

4. Tim Tebow Hits the Referee in Stride

Here our hero drops back in a subtle play-action. By the time Tebow competes his fake, a Giants’ defender has blown past tackle Austin Howard. Relying on his incredible accuracy on the move, Tebow sends the ball sailing over the head of Josh Baker. It was really a heads-up play by Tebow as a Giants defender was mere yards away from Baker. Was he protecting his teammate, or trying to get the sideline official involved? Only God knows. And he’s not telling you. [Business Insider]

3. Tim Tebow from the Bar

This picture is not from MetLife Stadium. It was actually taken at a bar! @TrueTebowLove15 says, “: I would like to thank Buffalo Wild Wings for playing the Jets game right now:) it’s on the super huge tv:) ya!Tebow!” You guys! Get down to B-Dubs right. NOW. They’ve got the Jets game on the super huge tv! OMG! More barely-sauced wings please!

2. Tim Tebow Recreates Tired Meme

Tebowing is so over dude.

1. The Tim Tebow Post Game Media Scrum

This week’s winner was submitted by Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post. Hubbuch tweeted this picture say, “Crowd around Tim Tebow’s postgame locker. I wish I was joking.” Don’t worry, Bart. That is a joke.

Because you want to see it first!

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