Aly Raisman and Tyler Seguin Being Pushed Into a Relationship By Media Who Read Twitter

Aly Raisman, the Olympic gymnast, likes hockey and grew up in Massachusetts. Tyler Seguin plays for the Boston Bruins. Raisman is 18 and said that Seguin was her favorite player. Seguin is 20 and briefly interacted with Raisman on Twitter. They’re totally going to have a million babies! From the Boston Herald:

They’ve never even met, but there is definitely some heavy-duty flirting going on between Needham golden girl Aly Raisman and Bruins cutie Tyler Seguin. And if media matchmakers have their way, the two will be the new hot couple for the fall!

The media will lock these two in a closet and make them play 5 Minutes in Heaven.

“I was with a couple of my buddies at my house, and I just happened to go online after I tweeted and she’s tweeting back Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and I can’t remember who else, and I look down and happen to see my little name there. I was like ‘I might get a couple of followers out of this one.’ But it was pretty cool.”

That is so Tyler.

Fast forward again. This time to Wednesday, when Aly returned home to Needham from London. An inquiring mind in the media mob asked whether she had plans to meet Tyler Seguin.

“Depends if he wants to meet me,” the gymnast coyly replied.

I bet he does!

“I know she’s a hockey fan, so all the best,” Tyler smiled, playing it soooo cool.


“So are you more enamored to meet her, or she you?” Bruins TV guy John O’Brien pressed.

To get serious for a brief moment – That is a question that someone with a job asked someone else as part of that job.

(Smile.) “I guess it’s me to her now,” Tyler admitted. “I had her on Twitter followers by a couple hundred thousand, but she must be up around 400 (thousand) by now.”

(Frown.) They both have a lot more followers than me.

Before you start your Tyly Raisguin Tumblrs, Raisman also recently said she would “go on a date with Joe Jonas.” So if you’re keeping track at home, a teenage girl has expressed interest in not one, but two rich, famous, good-looking males in her age group. This is news as big a story as women being admitted membership to Augusta. [Boston Herald]

Because you want to see it first!

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