Ryan Dempster and Derek Holland Did MLB Highlights as Harry Caray

Ranger starters Ryan Dempster and Derek Holland share a well-known adoration for impersonations. The last time we saw Holland, he was doing the local weather and generally driving most of us crazy, repeatedly shouting “will you look at that” while camouflaging himself within the forecast. Dempster, meanwhile, was last spotted eating deep dish pizza with Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell prior to a joint ceremonial first pitch from the comedic duo. Is Dempster ever not having fun?

Well now that he and Holland are teammates, the two opted to do some MLB highlights while both in character as Harry Caray. I imagine some people — probably Cubs fans — will chime in and claim this act is tired and played out, to which I say: Screw you. These guys genuinely appear to enjoy themselves and excel at not taking themselves too seriously.

Bonus points to Holland for breaking character more often than Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live.

[via MLB Fan Cave]

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