Chris Kaman in Shorts and Cowboy Boots Will Likely Ruin Your Day

Chris Kaman signed a one-year, $8 million deal with the Dallas Mavericks in July. While it hasn’t even been two months in Texas for the seven-foot behemoth, he already appears to be embracing his new surroundings with great vigor, possibly to an uncomfortable degree. According to the gawky center, cowboy boots are the first item one purchases when making Texas their new home. Posing as awkwardly as possible in said boots, and in a pair of shorts no less, is also essential. Consider your precious eyes officially raked.

We should all be genuinely happy for Kaman though, as his demeanor is a far cry from when he was sent packing for New Orleans back in December. The poor guy appeared to be trapped in a unknown police lineup.

While we’re here, take a gander at this alarming photo of “game face Kaman” shortly before heading out to the shooting range.

[via @ChrisKaman]

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