Julius Peppers Confirmed it Was His College Transcript That Ended up Online. Also, He Donated $250k to UNC

Last weekend, Julius Peppers released a statement – yes, that was my college transcript that appeared online, no, there’s no academic fraud near my transcript!

During my undergraduate years, I, like many other students was trying to find direction and adjust to being independent for the first time as a young adult. With this new freedom and unfamiliar environment, I will admit that, at times some of my priorities were not always aligned properly. Luckily, I had a great support system, including Dr. Carl Carey and the athletic academic department, who gave me much needed counsel.

I can assure everyone that there is no academic fraud as it relates to my college transcript. I took every course with qualified members of the UNC faculty and I earned every grade whether it was good or bad. I was never given unapproved assistance or preferential treatment in terms of my academic career because I was a student-athlete. I was also never deemed ineligible to compete on any of the football or basketball teams.

Well, that clears everything up. Not fishy at all that he took a batch of classes in the sketchy AFAM major to stay eligible in his final season, and miraculously, he passed just enough of the classes to be eligible by the NCAA’s standard. Even though the grades were later changed to reflect the fact that he didn’t pass them.

This week, Peppers donated $250k to a scholarship fund. [Charlotte Observer]

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