Erin Andrews Didn't Appreciate Radio Guy Mike Missanelli's Douchy Questions About Her All-Star Game Dress

Erin Andrews tried to do a good thing. A radio host in Philly, Mike Missanelli, has a contest where the fan who can get the biggest celebrity to call into his show wins Philadelphia Eagles tickets.

Some kid tweeted to Erin Andrews and asked her to call in. She did. Little did Andrews know she would be under intense questioning about her All-Star game sartorial selection from six weeks prior.

The audio is here; Andrews calls into the show about 6/10 of the way through. (If you’re interested, Jenn Sterger – yes, that one – called in too, about 4/10 of the way through.) Here’s a partial transcript of the Andrews interview:

[You’ve got to sit through chit chat about her move from ESPN to Fox and her living in NYC.]

Mike Missanelli: the dress … I thought maybe the dress was a little bit much to be honest with you, what was your …

Erin Andrews: What do you mean?

MM: I thought it was too glam.

EA: Oh gosh, I disagree with you, but I appreciate you knowing female style … it was a good 105 degrees … Who have you dressed? Actually, what are you wearing right now since you’re such a big stylist over there …

MM: Well I’m not on television …

EA: It is my favorite when people judge … they never really take into account the elements … so hot. hot, hot, hot

MM: Now let me finish … I do a lot of television…. I put a lot of thoughts into my outfits … the reason I brought this up is because I would have been a phony if I didn’t …

EA: I’m glad i called when you were talking poorly …

MM: No, I wasn’t talking poorly, I was just questioning the thought process and you’ve explained it to me …

[more talk about heat, sweating, etc]

MM: Maybe a little sundress?

EA: But that was a sundress what are you talking about?

MM: That went below the knee … this is not a beef, it’s a fun little discussion …

EA: When you’re styling females, let me know.

MM: I got a pretty good eye, I gotta tell you …

EA: Not really, I gotta say …

[seems like maybe they’re past it all]

EA: Appreciate the sun dress [thought?], guess what, if I had done that, people would have criticized me …

MM: I wouldn’t have … I would have given you a thumbs up!

EA: Well, your opinion matters.

MM: you’re taking a shot at me now?

EA: I wasn’t taking a shot! … I’m not allowed to defend myself? … I’ll [wear] a potato sack next time.

MM: Let me ask you this … last question, the rumor is, are you dating Troy Aikman?

EA: No, are you?

It’s all so very awkward. There are a million things to ask Erin Andrews, yet Missanelli beats the dress story to death? Did he forget what happened the last time she wore a short dress to a baseball game? Not to mention the fact that MLB put in a dress code for the media. Come on, Mike, step up your game.

Because you want to see it first!

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