Fan Breaks Into Mariners' Team Store to Steal Discount Ichiro Jerseys

Someone smashed a window at the Seattle Mariners team store, broke in and took 16 jerseys. That’s an understandable crime until you realize the guy stole 16 Ichiro jerseys that were marked 50% off. Why would you steal the jersey of a player who has been traded? Is there that much of a market for Ichiro Mariners jerseys now that he’s gone? I guess so. Online you can find a ton of Ichiro’s Seattle jerseys priced at $99 or higher at the team store. On the one hand, you have to figure the Mariners are happy they have 16 less Ichiro jerseys to move. I guess they should be happy that this criminal didn’t take the Felix Hernandez jerseys. He can come back for them next season when King Felix is pitching in another city. [Rovell, Seattle Times]

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