Joe Girardi Chased a Heckler Out of Chicago

Joe Girardi will not stand for your heckling, especially after his Yankees just got swept by the White Sox. Girardi was speaking with the media outside the visitors locker room as fans exited the stadium on the other side of the hall. At least one fan noticed the Yankees manager and started shouting about how the Yankees suck. Girardi, likely upset after his team dropped their third straight game, went after the fan, yelling at him to shut up.

In that fan’s defense, the Yankees had just lost their third game in three nights. An argument could be made that the Yankees do suck. Well, everyone except Derek Jeter, who has now homered in three straight games. He’s the best. Playing like a much younger man at such an advanced age. It is really impressive. As long as you don’t value winning. This is classic stat compiling by The Captain.

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