Lance Armstrong: Who Cares? No, Really, Who Cares About Him Losing his Tour de France Titles?

Lance Armstrong threw in the towel on his fight against doping chargezzzzzzz …

Who cares? Cycling is a joke. It’s a great hobby, it is outstanding exercise, but this stat is really all you need to know about cycling:

Of the 70 top ten finishers in Armstrong’s seven Tour De France victories, forty-one have tested positive for PEDS

Frankly, I’m shocked how much coverage Lance Armstrong being stripped of seven Tour de France titles has warranted. I was watching Colin Cowherd’s radio show on TV this morning and thank goodness 90210 is back on SoapNet. During every commercial I’d flip back to see if Cowherd had an interesting interview or was talking football gambling, but it was all Lance, all the time. Cowherd must have spent two hours on that fraud. (I haven’t watched Sportscenter today, but I imagine it is worse.)

Unlike his Texas friend, Roger Clemens, who came out fighting each round with endless stamina (and won), Armstrong has simply decided not to answer the bell and give up. Hey, whatever man. Your life. I’m just glad this is all over. Without your name in the headlines, cycling is doomed. Sports I’d sooner watch/care about/write about ahead of cycling (unless there’s a spectacular crash or altercation):

* Table tennis
* Bowling
* Cricket (don’t know the rules)

Unless Armstrong is putting his fists up at a bar, I could care less what he’s doing. Enjoy retirement, guy.


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