Sean Payton Gave a Great Motivational Speech to University of North Texas Football

Sean Payton was recently invited to give a talk to the University of North Texas football team, a school that’s right down the street from his house.

This was really the first opportunity I’ve had to get a true feel for what Payton’s all about. Roughly 30 seconds into the video, it was immediately apparent why people love to play for this guy.

Payton speaks for a little over 20 minutes and discusses changing the perception of the Saints, how much he’s going to miss the season, and the challenges of coaching his son’s sixth grade football team. The money line:

“I got kids picking dandelions, picking their boogers … I’m tryin’ to put in 50 plays.”

Everything about the sixth grade football team was especially outstanding, but the whole thing is certainly worth watching.

Side note: Really enjoyed the three claps. If we kept applause to three swift, affirming claps, we’d have more free time on our hands.

[via @TheCajunBoy]

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