Texas is the Most Fertile Ground for NFL QBs Right Now

Andrew Luck.
Christian Ponder.
Matthew Stafford.
Ryan Tannehill.
Andy Dalton.
Robert Griffin III.
Drew Brees.

Seven of 32 starting quarterbacks played high school football in Texas. You can make that seven if Kevin Kolb is able to win the job in Arizona. If you want to remove Stafford – the “veteran” of the group – then the stat becomes: there are 10 first or 2nd year starting QBs. Five of them are from Texas.

As college football fans will be quick to point out … nobody listed in this post attended to the University of Texas. Which is a big part of the reason the Longhorns went 5-7 and 8-5 since QB Colt McCoy (3rd string in Cleveland, assuming he makes the team) departed for the NFL.

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