The Five Saddest Pictures and GIFs of Tim Tebow From the Jets 17-12 Loss to the Panthers

Tim Tebow is a star. No one denies this. Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, Tim Tebow went out and gave the performance of a lifetime, completing 4 of 14 passes for 55 yards and an interception to go along with 45 of the grittiest rushing yards anyone has ever seen.

5. Tim Tebow’s Popular Mechanics

I hope you young guys are watching out there in TV land. Look at this guy’s mechanics. You simply can’t teach football the way this guy plays.

4. Tim Tebow’s Accuracy, Pt. 1

In this gif from @cjzero, our hero helps NBC test their new NFL 3D technology. Fans watching the game at home on a 3D television were treated to a football seemingly thrown through their screen. Woah!

3. Tim Tebow’s Accuracy, Pt. 2

Having proven the validity of 3D technology in the home, Tebow returned to playing football. Here he hits a player right between the numbers after escaping certain peril in the pocket behind the Jets’ offensive line. You might think this was some careless interception, but Tebow was actually doing what Jesus would have done – he was helping his fellow man. Reggie Smith is in his first year with the Panthers and this interception may help him secure a roster spot which will allow Smith to support his family like a good Christian this season. [via Guyism]

2. Tim Tebow Gets Top Billing

Someone took a picture of Tebow’s stat line. Oof. Bested by Mark Sanchez. [@jvjj51]

1. Tim Tebow Drunk?

“I must have took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. Which way did he go George? So then I says to him… ” [New York Daily News]

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