Indiana Tractor Pull Results in 178 Tickets, 755 Traffic Citations, 1 Topless Teen Outside Burlington Coat Factory

It was a busy weekend for authorities in Terre Haute, Indiana as police handed out 178 citations at the Scheid Diesel Fest,  an annual tractor pull event. In all 178 tickets were given out including 83 for illegal possession or consumption of alcohol. There were also 755 traffic citations, including 27 DUI arrests. The real highlight of the weekend took place in the parking lot of the Burlington Coat Factory – the number one party spot in any Midwestern town. From the Indianapolis Star:

A 17-year-old girl was cited for illegal consumption, public nudity and public intoxication after officers observed her dancing topless on the roof of a bus in the parking lot of the Burlington Coat Factory in Terre Haute.

And …

Four other women were cited for public nudity after they exposed themselves while performing on poles in the back of pickup trucks in the same parking lot.

And …

Along with the various alcohol charges, officers also responded to “numerous fights” throughout the weekend in the parking lot of the Burlington Coat Factory. Early this morning, officers responded to the lot to help assist police from other departments as beer bottles were being hurled at them.

This sounds like the Gathering of the Juggalos if you replaced Faygo with Diesel fuel. To be fair, this year’s event was fairly tame considering last year’s Scheid Diesel Fest resulted in 252 tickets. No word on the number of topless women dancing on vehicles. You know what they say. What happens in the Burlington Coat Factory parking lot though stays in the Burlington Coat Factory parking lot.

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