Man Arrested For Calling 911 to Ask for Sex Three Years After Arrest for Calling 911 to Ask for Sex

When you get lonely in Florida, all you have to do is pick up the phone and dial 9-1-1. That’s what Joshua Basso did last week when he called 911 seven times between August 22 and August 24 looking for sex. From the Florida New Times:

Each time he requested that a female deputy come to his home for some sexing.

Police eventually went to his home, not for sex, but to arrest him. Basso admitted to making the calls and was charged with seven counts of making false 911 calls.

In his defense, 911 is like any good booty call – they pick up the phone no matter time it is and always come over to take care of you. Amazingly, this was not the first time Basso was arrested for this. In 2009, he started calling 911 to solicit female operators when his cell phone ran out of minutes. As you can see from the mugshots, Basso was much less surprised by the results of his phone calls this time. Only Sean Kingston knows why Basso keeps calling 911.

[Miami New Times, The Smoking Gun]

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