Peter Gammons Wonders "Can civilization go lower" than the WWE and UFC?

Peter Gammons took to Twitter this afternoon to share his informed opinion on a recent incident involving former UFC champion and professional wrestler, Ken Shamrock. A few days ago, Shamrock was involved in an incident at a mall where he ended up hitting (or throwing) a small woman with a short haircut. Shamrock says he was trying to break up a fight when the woman jumped on his back and the victim says that Shamrock punched her and her mother.

These hazy details were enough to cause Gammons to condemn both the UFC and WWE. I’m sure Gammons would have no problem with someone using hyperbole to declare all of Major League Baseball – a sport and organization he has covered for more than 40 years – the lowest civilization was capable of going based on the actions of a single baseball player’s actions. Kirby Puckett choking his wife with electrical cord and holding a gun to her head for example. Or Ugueth Urbina attacking five men with a hatchet. Or just Milton Bradley in general.

Look, Peter Gammons is a 67-year-old baseball writer. He is not in the UFC’s target demographic. Thus, no one should be surprised that Gammons isn’t a fan of mixed martial arts – or professional wrestling for that matter.

Violence is not a MMA thing or a professional wrestling thing or a baseball thing or a general sports thing. It is a human thing. It’s a problem that exists everywhere. That’s why someone with a platform like Gammons’ Twitter account (Over 200k followers, only 5% fake. Pretty impressive!) probably shouldn’t be damning an entire sport or entertainment industry based on one he-said-she-said incident.


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