Paul Ryan's Dogs Are Named "Boomer" and "Sooner" Despite Growing Up & Living in Wisconsin


Paul Ryan's Dogs Are Named "Boomer" and "Sooner" Despite Growing Up & Living in Wisconsin


Paul Ryan's Dogs Are Named "Boomer" and "Sooner" Despite Growing Up & Living in Wisconsin

Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin and attended college at Miami University (Ohio). Somehow, he met and married an native Oklahoman tax attorney who attended Wellesley College in Massachusetts. The couple married in Oklahoma on December 2 – the same day that OU took on Kansas State in the 2000 Big 12 championship game. Ryan’s younger brother, Tobin, recently told to the delegates from Oklahoma about the wedding at the Republican National Convention. From the Oklahoman:

He said the couple’s December 2000 wedding date coincided with the Big 12 Championship; he also said it was the Sooners against the Cowboys, which, as many Oklahomans know, wasn’t correct, or even possible. It was the Sooners against Kansas State. But, then, Tobin Ryan is a Notre Dame graduate.

See, he didn’t go to a college with a real football program. So in this case when a Ryan tells a story that isn’t completely truthful, it’s understandable. Moving on…

At the reception, which was held at the Petroleum Club in downtown Oklahoma City, there was “the normal reception in the wedding hall and then you’ve got a room that’s almost equally as big next to it with a big-screen TV, and you’ve got toasts going on here and you had to just drag people to come out from the TV (room)” from which loud roars would periodically erupt, Ryan told the delegates.

Somehow, despite the fact that Paul Ryan is a Wisconsin native who attended a university in Ohio and planned a wedding on the day of the Big 12 championship, Ryan decided to name his dogs “Boomer” and “Sooner.” Typical politician. Although… the fact that someone who grew up in B1G country named his dogs after Big 12 football shows a willingness to reach across the aisle for compromise. Right? Either that, or we’ve got another flip-flopper on our hands! Can you really vote for a candidate who roots for college football teams out both sides of his mouth?

[News OK, Image via Althouse, h/t #miggieteam]

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