Video: Deion Sanders' "Prime Prep" Football Coaches and Players Confront a Reporter

Deion Sanders recently founded Prime Prep, his own charter school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Not much is known about the charter school yet, so nearby schools in District 11-3A are in no hurry to play Prime Prep. Recently, Brett Shipp of WFAA tried to film a practice in a public park, but he was confronted by George Hegamin, Deion Sanders’ co-head coach and a former Dallas Cowboy. When Shipp set up shop across the street and continued to film, the entire team stopped practicing, stopped traffic and walked across the street confronted him. (Video above)

The controversy surrounding Prime Prep has to do with the number of ineligible transfers. According to Yahoo’s Prep Rally, “up to 80 percent of Prime Prep’s 30 football players lived outside of the school’s home boundary, making them ineligible for varsity.” From WFAA.com:

Two weeks ago, a disgusted District Executive Committee got upset at Prime Prep. “We don’t know anything about Prime Prep,” complained committee member Ronald Johnson. “We don’t know who to contact; we don’t know who to call; we don’t know who we are going to face; we don’t know if we are going to play over here or over there.”

So the committee voted to ban Prime Prep from all athletics during this, their first season of play.

Despite the local controversy, Prime Prep’s basketball team was recently added to a prestigious high school tournament. The school is heavily branded by Under Armor.

[WFAA, Dallas Morning News, h/t @BryandFischer]

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