Clay Matthews Was a Photobomb Assassin Thursday Night

The Packers hosted the reeling Chiefs on Thursday night for their final tuneup, trouncing Kansas City by a score of 24-3, thanks mostly to an incredibly efficient Graham Harrell, who simply could not be stopped. Given that it was a preseason game and there was really nothing else to do, Clay Matthews took to the art of photobombing.

The first victim was cornerback Tramon Williams. Matthews opted for the unnerving approach here with a stone cold death stare. Or perhaps that’s a “serial blue steel” look. Someone needs to ask him for confirmation. Then Matthews borrowed a photographer’s camera to get Aaron Rodgers, one of the more respected photobombers in the game today. Bonus points to Matthews for artful use of a prop.

The most amusing stat from this pointless game? Brady Quinn went 6-of-12 for 83 yards and a pick. Yes, he remains terrible.

(Here’s another angle courtesy the other victim of these photobombs, Trenni Kusnierek.)

[via @EPEvenflow, @Cartmaniak, @trenni]

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