Roundup: Mike Leach Loses Debut, the Clint Eastwood Speech at the RNC & Floyd Mayweather Bets (Allegedly) $3 Million on Alabama/Michigan

Kelly Brook … mayor in Texas killed in donkey attack … Buzz Bissinger wrote a nice profile of Olympian Gabby DouglasKelly and Dylan are not dating … 125 students at Harvard alleged to have cheated … all she does it tweet out suggestive photos of herself all day … some tidbits from Frank Rich’s AMA at reddit … a story about a couple having sex in public in Russia … “Somewhere over the years, the news media got lost and forgot what news was” … which teams are the smartest spenders in sports? … cheerleader hazing incidentworst person in the world this week …

South Carolina 17, Vanderbilt 13. Gamecocks escape, look nothing like title contenders. [AP]

If you’re in Chicago, and would like to party with members of the Bears, go to these places. [Tribune]

Business Week spent the day at ESPN. Bill Simmons cursed. [Business Week]

Put me down as dubious regarding Money Mayweather’s $3 million bet on the Alabama/Michigan game. [Hot Clicks]

These Kentucky self-reported violations are hilarious. [KY Sports Radio]

Commish takes it easy on Kenny Britt of the Titans: One game suspension. [Tennessean]

BYU 30, Washington State 6 in Mike Leach’s unimpressive debut. [Seattle Times]

When is it time for NBC Sports to get worried about a potential NHL lockout? [Sherman Report]

Former Sportscenter anchor Tom Mees died 16 years ago. Chris Berman, his longtime friend, wrote this about Mees. [Front Row]

The Big Ten network is celebrating being on the air for five years. [Indy Star]

Read: “How is it possible that we’re borrowing much less from foreigners when the government deficit has gone up so much? The answer is that the private sector is deleveraging, having moved into massive surplus as consumers try to pay down debt and corporations hold back on investment in the face of weak consumer demand.” [NYT]

“Former USC, Pleasant Grove football player claims painkiller shots led to heart attack.” [Sac Bee]

Clint Eastwood talked to a chair last night.

Around the 2:40 mark, the driver makes a bad mistake. [via Cartmaniak]

3D Pacman! [via Herbie]

Fun with live TV errors!

Seven weeks old, but still outstanding. [via Norlander]

Because you want to see it first!

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