Russia Powerlifter Drops Weight on His Chest, Reportedly Dies. What Were the Spotters Doing?

Horrible tragedy in Russia: This powerlifter, trying to press an estimated 350 pounds, dropped the weight on his chest and according to Red Hot Russia, died.

According to eyewitness, the sportsman used unsafe (banned) technique called “open grip” [ed: possibly related to the position of thumb while holding the bar]. Already during the training session he had the weight of 160 kg slipping from his hands, but then spotters managed to hold the bar.

During the competition, however, the spotters did not succeed to catch the bar in time. Everything happened very quickly. With the torn diaphragm and broken ribs the sportsman was brought to hospital.

UPDATE: The injury appeared to be fatal. Igor died in hospital from heart concussion.

If that description is true – the lifter previous let less weight slip, but spotters were able to catch it – what could the spotters have been thinking? The screen grab on Red Hot Russia shows one spotter just frozen with his hands down while the weight crushed the kid’s chest. Awful. [via Cartmaniak]

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