The San Francisco Giants Are Hosting a Bruce Lee Tribute Night, and the T-Shirts Are Awesome

The San Francisco Giants will be hosting a Bruce Lee Tribute Night on September 4 against the Arizona Diamondbacks in the interest of paying tribute to the original dragon, in the Year of the Dragon.

Between the scintillating t-shirts that were recently unveiled — a hipster’s wet dream sans Nike logo — and the promotional video that’s been making the rounds, consider me emphatically sold. Well, in spirit at least, as I’ll be nowhere near San Francisco next week.

Any baseball team that creates a video in which Bobblehead Bruce Lee beats the crap out of several other bobbleheads, including the great Manny Pacquiao and a couple of mascots, absolutely deserves a sellout and a thunderous round of praise.

Should make for an interesting night at the ballpark.

[via @DarrenRovell]

Because you want to see it first!

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