Halftime: Alabama is Destroying Michigan 31-7

Not even close. Besides Denard Robinson’s 71-yard pass to Gallon, Michigan has 48 yards on 35 offensive plays. Alabama is averaging more than 9 yards per pass and seven yards per carry on offense.

That disparity doesn’t quite encapsulate the degree Michigan was obliterated along both lines. These teams weren’t in the same class entering the game. That gap seems far wider than the media, at least that with a vested interest in selling this game, anticipated.

Talent issues aside, having Denard Robinson try to make NFL throws against All-American caliber coverage down the sideline is probably not the best use of his talent. Running him more gives Michigan a better probability of improving the scoreline, but, with 12 and possibly 13 games remaining, is the expected utility better than going into turtle mode?

[Photo via Presswire]



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