Formula One Driver Jenson Button's Girlfriend Jessica Michibata

Yesterday while looking up information on the Belgian Formula One Grand Prix crash, I accidentally learned that Jenson Button won the actual race. Turns out Button, the 2009 World Grand Prix winner is dating Japanese model Jessica Michibata. I wonder if cab drivers ever get really frustrated knowing that it is possible to sleep with models when all you do is drive a car for a living.

Important Jessica Michibata stuff: Michibata has been featured in a music video for Japanese hip-hop group, the Teriyaki Boyz. The song is called Zock On and it features Pharrell and Busta Rhymes. Teriyaki Boyz also collaborated with artists like Kanye and they were featured on the Tokyo Drift soundtrack. This is the beauty of the Internet. One minute I’m researching a Formula One crash, then next I’m watching Kanye West rap in a Japanese music video.


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