Floyd Mayweather Bet $200k on the Cowboys and Won. Why Doesn't He Ever Post Losing Tickets?

Floyd Mayweather Jr., the world’s greatest gambler, bet $200,000 dollars on the Cowboys last night. We know that because Mayweather posted a picture of the winning betting slip on Twitter saying, “I bet the Cowboys second half $200,000. This is real. Not a rumor like Michigan.”

Ah, yes. The alleged $3,000,000 he wagered and lost on Michigan last weekend? A rumor! Floyd Mayweather Jr. would never make such a foolish wager. Those are unconfirmed rumors because we are supposed to believe that Mayweather never loses. Only Mayweather and his inner-circle know if this halftime bet on the Cowboys was a hedge because of another $200K on the Giants to win the game or just how much he actually lost on Michigan this weekend.

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