Bo Pelini is Being Sued By a 66-Year-Old Nebraska Fan Who Got Injured at Women's Football Camp

Bo Pelini, the Nebraska football coach, has a foundation that runs an annual football clinic for women called, “Football 101.” In 2010, a 66-year-old woman named Beverly Morgan attended the camp. Today, she is suing the Bo Pelini Foundation and volunteer coach Tim Beck for injuries she sustained at camp.

Basically, Beverly Morgan knew nothing about football except that she loved the Nebraska Cornhuskers. She attended a football camp for women where the ladies got to run through drills. She was a ball-carrier in a gauntlet drill. She had to ask a coach how to hold the ball. The first woman she met who was holding a pad lit her up and she hit her head on the ground. (You can read the entire legal document here.) Here is a choice description of the incident via the Houston Press:

8. Plaintiff held the ball as shown by Defendant Beck, took one or two steps and was struck by one or both of the women at the front of the gauntlet lines so hard she was knocked off her feet hitting the back of her head on the Hawk’s Championship Training Center floor causing her cap and earrings to fly off. Plaintiff experienced immediate headache, became nauseated, and her right foot was dragging. Defendant Beck and a woman helped Plaintiff to a chair on the sidelines and left. Another individual came over to Plaintiff and told her someone on the medical staff would come by to check on her. No one did. Plaintiff did not participate in any further drills.

Since I really know nothing about this and have no legal background, I’m just guessing that the participants in the camp had to sign some sort of a waiver. My completely uneducated guess is that the lawsuit stems from the lack of proper treatment by the training staff after she sustained her injuries. Since then she has suffered headaches, memory loss, blurry vision, back pain, weakness in her right leg and problems with her speech. She is suing for $92,000 in medical bills plus whatever the court will award her for pain, suffering and legal costs. [Houston Press, Courthouse News]

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