Milwaukee TV Reporter Arrested For Urinating Outside Store, Becoming Belligerent, and is Now Unemployed

Rob Koebel, a hefty Milwaukee-based television reporter with a bold stare, was cited for disorderly conduct in late August after becoming belligerent with police officers who caught him urinating outside of an Apple store.

Of all the humorous nuggets in the police report, I find myself being most amused that this incident occurred on August 21, a Tuesday night.

It all began when Koebel and his friend, after drinking at a local bar within walking distance, began heading back to their respective apartments when nature abruptly called Koebel’s wang. A nearby security guard spotted the impromptu sprinkling and called police to the scene after the bold, beefy reporter refused to stop urinating.

It was then that Koebel offered up some fun bravado. After being told to put his cell phone away, he replied with a firm “No, not gonna happen.” After being told a second time to put it away, the courageous Koebel said, “No, do you know who you’re messing with?” Wow. Not even Tom Brokaw could act so brave.

Well, as it turns out, it appears they were messing with an investigative reporter for TMJ4’s I-Team, whatever that is, which clearly gives Koebel instant billing as a big shot in every essence of the term.

Koebel remained uncooperative at the police station and warned them to “be careful” when he was informed his handcuffs would be removed. He went on to offer up lines of “Don’t play games with me” and “Do you want to take the gloves off or no?” To toss a few cherries on top, he referred to one officer as “(expletive) face” — was it shitface or fuckface? Billy Ripken would like to know. Koebel, obviously sensing he had nothing to lose except for everything, also delivered a homosexual slur in the direction of another officer.

Now that’s a full day, especially for a Tuesday.

The station manager for TMJ4, presumably someone who does in fact know who he was messing with, has since confirmed that Koebel is no longer an employee of the station.

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