Top 5 Tim Tebow Pictures From the Jets 48-28 Win over the Bills, Featuring NFL.com's "TebowZone"

Tim Tebow was featured early in the Jets offense on Sunday. Then they realized that real football could defeat the mighty Bills. Tim Tebow did not attempt to throw a pass, but he did get some special teams burn.

5. Tim Tebow’s Private Moment With God and 50 Photographers

Religion is a sacred bond between a man and God and the media. Also the look on Spencer Johnson’s face seems to say, “Jealous much?”

4. Time Icebow?

Go to Getty. Search for Tim Tebow. Click on “time icebow.” The results are a Russian nesting doll of “Did you mean:” results that just get weirder and weirder. timer iceboat -> timers ice boat -> time sq dice bat -> timer siq diced baht -> timers sia dice bait. That’s as far as I got. I quit. Tim Tebow would have kept going.

3. Tim Tebow Stretches… For the ladies

Tim Tebow is so sexy that teammates fantasize about him when he’s mere feet away.

2. Shit Just Got Real

Mark Sanchez threw three touchdown passes and did a great job leading the offense without gimmicks?

1. TebowZone

NFL.com has a special page dedicated to Tim Tebow called the “TebowZone.” The page features a highlight video of everything Tim Tebow did during the game. This week’s video features Tim Tebow warming up, running a half-ass pattern and handing the ball off – and that’s just in the first minute! Of course, the highlights of Tebow recovering an onside kick attempt and all 11 of his rushing yards on 5 carries are in there too. Its good stuff and I sincerely hope that the intern that had to cut that package didn’t also cut himself.

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