Chargers Beat Raiders 22-14 as Punt Block and Balls Off Facemasks Were the Highlights You Missed

If you decided not to stay up at an ungodly hour, and are just reading a recap of the game, you should be thankful. The Chargers and Raiders were the treat at the end of a long week of games.

That treat turned out to cause indigestion. Chris Berman was announcing this game with Trent Dilfer, but that honestly was not the biggest issue with this game. Sure, Berman used certain phrases a bit too much (Darren McFadden, who has never exactly survived any kind of large workload healthy, was called a “workhorse” every time he touched it), and he regaled us with old player names. It was altogether bearable compared to merely trying to stay awake for this one.

The highlights of the game were an almost-first down by Antonio Gates where he made a great snag, and was pushed back by the Raiders defense, an almost-touchdown at the end of the first half by Darren McFadden on a pass on third down with about 11 seconds left, where he went flying and hit down short of the end zone (Raiders kicked the field goal to make it 10-6 at the half), and plenty of derp.

We had balls off the face mask, plenty of costly penalties including Tommy Kelly jumping offside twice to give the Chargers first downs, and special teams miscues. Oakland’s long snapper, Jon Condo, left the game with a concussion in the first half. His replacement, Travis Goethel, sent two snaps into the ground, causing Shane Lechler to be tackled without getting a punt off previously. Then, Lechler got blocked to set up the field goal that provided the eventual winning points.

Both teams had injuries on offense and it showed. The Raiders were down to playing rookie free agents and Derek Hagan, just signed this week, at receiver. The Chargers were without Ryan Mathews and Jared Gaither. Curtis Brinkley rushed for 12 yards on 10 carries in a winning effort. Darren McFadden was Carson Palmer’s favorite target with 13 catches. So yeah, you didn’t miss much.

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