Denard Robinson is "a Baller," According to Michigan OC Al Borges

Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges, who turns 57 in October, was grasping for the precise term to describe quarterback Denard Robinson. He settled on “baller.” That is, after call, what the kids are calling them.

“That’s what you want: guys that have a feel for the game that goes beyond their skill level,” Borges said today. “The kids call them ‘ballers.’ The guy’s a baller. You can say he may not do this, but the guy balls. I don’t know what that means, but to me, that’s an instinctive guy.”

Here is what Borges was trying to say about his quarterback.

The one thing that’s amazing about Denard is when something goes wrong in front of him, he can identify it quickly. He can go into the phones right away and tell you, ‘Blah blah missed his block right in front of me, and I just couldn’t see the throw. A safety jumped in front, and I backed out and did this.’ It’s amazing how accurate it is. You look back at the tape, and it’s almost verbatim what he said. That’s what instinctive football players are like.

Robinson’s skeptics would prefer he ball a bit harder against good teams. We agree. Sick of watching him roll teams like Ohio State and Notre Dame.

[Photo via Presswire]

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