The Big East is Done and Basketball Fans Should Weep. Which School Will Be Next to Bolt for the ACC?

Notre Dame ditching the Big East for the ACC in basketball should just about kill the conference. What’s left? Last September, Pittsburgh and Syracuse bolted for the ACC. The once-great basketball power has been gutted. The Big East tournament will never be the same. And the Big East will probably will lose another school – the ACC now has 15 basketball schools, and surely will add another. Will the ACC want a basketball-only school to make 16, and keep an even number (12) in football? If so, the ACC probably picks Georgetown over Marquette, right? (Georgetown and Syracuse, reunited!)

If the ACC is targeting a Big East school with a football team ($$$$), then Cincinnati, South Florida, Louisville, Connecticut and Rutgers make the most sense. Rutgers (“NYC footprint!”) and UConn have essentially been begging the ACC to take them for the last year.

As of right now, here’s what is left of the Big East as a basketball conference in the coming years (Temple plays Big East football but A-10 basketball until next year):

Marquette (no football)
Georgetown (I-AA football)
Seton Hall (no football)
St. John’s (no football)
Villanova (No D1 football)
Providence (no football)
DePaul (no football)
South Florida
*Central Florida
Syracuse – to the ACC
Pittsburgh – to the ACC
Notre Dame – to the ACC
West Virginia – to the Big 12

As a basketball conference, will what’s left of the Big East even trump the A-10, which added VCU and Butler? It’s questionable.

The alternative for the ACC, which was floated on twitter by many: Should the ACC pursue a strong academic school like Vanderbilt, which probably will never win the SEC (although it is an improving program), and then hope Notre Dame bails on NBC for the ACC? Wouldn’t hold my breath for Notre Dame football if I were the ACC.

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* With all the realignment happenings going down in the last couple years, you  may have forgotten those moves! Read all about them here. Then again, that link is a month old, who knows how much has changed.


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