Roundup: iPhone 5 Details, Alison Pill's Twit-Slip & Lots of Only in Florida

Katrina Bowden … diplomat killed in Libya … spoiler alert: Professor X is dead … LA bank robbery suspects threw money out the window …  oMG iPhone 5 details … sick DIY arcade … if websites reviewed sex … a long, powerful post from a comedian about suicide … a Heaters reboot, on television … woman pulls gun and demands money during sex in a moving car … woman and boyfriend lock teens in torture chamber … disturbing attempted murder of her 7yo son … Jay Pharoah is your new Obama on SNL … here’s a mother attacking her son with a baseball bat while he slept … pay someone else to wait in line for your iPhone … teen girl moved in and had sex with 77yo … is Twitter giving out all our info? … Alison Pill (Maggie from The Newsroom, Kim from Scott Pilgrim) accidentally tweeted a topless pic yesterday (NSFW) … delicious travel lobsters

T.J. Simers got into it with Matt Treanor. Simers was out of line here, right? [LA Times]

Buffalo Bills Marcell Dareus’ brother was shot. [CBS 42]

Florida State voted against an increased ACC exit fee. [Warchant]

Wisconsin State Journal lays off staff. [Romenesko]

That stupid, nonsensical “Invisible Obama” Twitter has a “digital media specialist” behind it. Ugh. [New York Times]

Chipper gets bratwurst as a retirement gift from the Brewers. [AJC]

Evolution of robot chess, one of the most serious things we have to face in 2012. [Grantland]

Bellator heavyweight champion Cole Konrad has retired, undefeated, from mixed martial arts. [ESPN]

The Ultimate Fighter returns to FX on Friday. Here are some gifs of the crazy guys freaking out. [Fightlinker]

The story of James Bond first coming to the big screen. [Vanity Fair]

Lattimer from The Program was arrested for hoarding 25 dogs. [LAist]

Why boys throw better than girls. [Washington Post]

Roy Hibbert and comedian Chelsea Peretti went for chicken and waffles and dancing after he broke his nose. [The Basketball Jones]

Brother doctors Vernon and Vontae Davis discuss this new product which must use magic. Or aliens.

A cat video compilation. Obviously very important.

Your grandmother got arrested and its on tape.

Ricky Rubio played Connect Four with basketballs on a Spanish talk show. I want that in my backyard. [Hot Clicks]

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