Bills Fans Fighting Bills Fans: The Latest in Morons Brawling Other Morons

The latest, and most certainly not the last, in idiotic fans challenging glory-hungry bros features two fans of the Buffalo Bills squaring off in an upper tier duel for the ages. Or for at least three minutes.

In summation, one fan pummels the piss out of the other fan. The guy who gets his mouth blooded takes a brief rest — perhaps this was all part of the plan? — pretends to walk away, and then turns around and slugs the original slugger. Game. Set. Asshat.

The stark lesson here? Unless you receive free tickets to an NFL game and you’re assured of a Prince of Zamunda-style handjob at halftime, it’s probably best to watch the game from the comfort of your own home.

Note: Please, please turn your camera phone sideways when filming douchebag on douchebag action. We will not rest, or shut up, until everyone obliges.

[via WNY Media, @Michael_Necci]

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